Photo and illustration requirements

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This introduces you to the quality, technical and legal requirements for submitting photos and illustrations to Swart Stock.

Technical requirements

Submit images in JPEG format.
Minimum image resolution: 3.5 MP (megapixels) [2400×1500 pixels]
Maximum image resolution: 100 MP (megapixels)
Maximum file size: 35 MB (megabytes) [uncompressed]

Image resolution: 300ppi (pixels per inch)
No watermarks or timestamps
Do not upsample or resample your files; submit the maximum file size that your camera can produce.
Note: Swart Stock accepts photos with any camera, mobile devices inclusive – as long as technical and legal requirements are matched, to our quality standards.

Technical Knows

Different image dimensions are published on Swart Stock
Swart Stock creates smaller dimensions of your image full resolution file.
Pricing depends (not entirely) on image dimensions on the original file.
*Remember: bigger is better.
The files are offered on the site in following sizes:

    • Medium: 1500 pixels on the long side
    • Large: 2400 pixels on the long side
    • X Large: Over 3000 pixels on the long side

Metadata Requirements

Files must contain a title and keywords embedded in them. You can add from 5 and up to 20 keywords per image.
You can add keywords to files in Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge, Photoshop, or another image-editing software.
Trademarked names (example Windows, Tesla, iPad), camera specifications (example Sony or 24MP), or types of content (example photo, illustration or vector) may not be used as keywords or in titles.
Title should adequately describe the file submitted. It should be short and easy to understand.

Location and Country

For images taken in the open or public places, it is important to specify the exact location. Location often refers to the city, local government, town or province where the image was captured (example Port Harcourt, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Enugu and Abuja). Illustrations which portray likes of any place may contain location.
Country is more elaborate and should be used on pictures excluding illustrations that do not refer to a place.
Keywords or other IPTC data entered in Lightroom Classic are important to both us Swart Stock and the consumers.

Legal basics

Creators must be the original creator of the image.
Model or property releases are required documents which improve the chances of an image being accepted during the review process.
To know if you require one, ask yourself if the model in the image would recognize themselves or if the property owner would recognize their property. If ‘Yes’, then you need a model or property release.
Some buildings and places of interest cannot be used for commercial photography.
Files may not contain logos, trademarks, brand names or company names (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Dangote, Peak and Milo) otherwise would be rejected. In certain cases, you may be able to submit work where logos, trademarks, company names, and brand names are digitally removed.

Quality standards

For your images to have commercial value, we expect them to be:

  • Appropriately lit and exposed
  • Without visible noise or dust
  • Well-composed (framing, interpolation, grain)
  • Processed unnoticeably

Endeavour not to spam

After a shoot, select only the best images and make sure each image submission offers something different. . Don’t submit multiple images with minimal changes in angle or depth, or copies of the same image with different post production effects applied. Customers and clients apply their own creative effects depending on the needs of their project. Spamming is strictly prohibited and may prompt us to block your account or close it permanently.


You can become a creator for Swart Stock here.

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